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We offer conducive early childhood education to our children through intentional teaching practices, well-designed learning environments, and enriched activities.
We make use of all avenues there exist to adequately prepare our teens for their BECE and their eventual entry into the Senior High Schools and beyond.
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Discover our Top School Child Benefits

Solomon School provides an enriching and challenging academic experience that prepares students to develop into productive, lifelong learners.

We are proud to say that 100% of our graduates go the best Senior High Schools in the country. Our highly qualified faculty and staff work closely with parents, guardians and students to ensure a nurturing learning environment.

We provide an environment where children are encouraged to become leaders through character development, sports, and art.

Individualized Education in an Enabling Environment

Practical Knowledge
Passed Percentage
Happy Students

We offer education in a nurturing environment

We have an enrollment of hundreds of students from diverse backgrounds. We believe in offering a small classroom environment that focuses on individual student success. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to providing the best possible education in the most nurturing setting.

Qualifed Teachers

Our goal is to educate our students on the power and importance of character.

A Certified Institution

We specialize in teaching skills and knowledge that go beyond the typical academic curriculum.

495 +

Large student community with 500+ enrolments.

1: 40
Student-Teacher Ratio

ptimal teacher-to-student ratio of 1:30.

95 %
BECE Passes

Exceptional academic success with perfect pass rate.

95 %
Parent Satisfaction

High parent approval rating reflects our excellence.

Discover Our Unique Approach to Teaching & Learning

Solomon School offers a rigorous academic program while nurturing a close-knit community that cultivates creativity, individuality, and imagination. We are committed to helping students develop into productive, lifelong learners. 

Exciting lessons to improve language skills and creativity

Hands-on experiments and exploration for understanding scientific concepts

Fun and interactive teaching for problem-solving abilities

Modern computer lab to learn digital skills and innovation.


Engaging activities to become fluent in the local language.

Holistic Education for Children

We are a college preparatory school focused on helping each student succeed in life through the power of education. Our students thrive in a challenging, supportive, collaborative environment where they learn, play, and grow. Students are encouraged to explore their interests, develop interpersonal relationships, gain self-confidence, and embrace diversity in an atmosphere that fosters an intellectual community of friends, peers, and parents who inspire them to become achievers.

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